Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonatas

Here are several examples of what a Daniel Barenboim Masterclass is like. Barenboim, a meticulous, sensitive and communicative teacher, has long been identified with the Beethoven Piano Sonatas, having performed, and recorded, the complete cycle numerous times throughout his life. His performances are considered to be among the finest, thoughtful, expressive, and accurate representations of the composers thoughts.

We are treated below to several classes in which Barenboim not only reveals the thoughts behind his approach to the sonatas, but also gives clear explanations of why he makes his recommendations to the students.

As observers, we are offered insights into the music from which we can all benefit and which will add to our own basis for evaluation of performances of these works.

The first masterclass offered below is from 2005 and features Lang Lang along with several other very fine young concert pianists.

The next masterclass is in 3 parts and features the young Spanish concert pianist Javier Perianes in the Beethoven Sonata N° 31, Op. 110 in A Flat.

Part I

Part II

Part III

The last masterclass, which is in 7 parts, features the young Italian concert pianist Alessio Bax in the Fugue from Beethoven's "Hammerklavier" Sonata N° 29 in B♭ major, Op 106.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII

Barenboim speaks about music

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