Uruguayan pianist (1939 - 2013)

Dinorah Varsi's piano studies began under the tutelage of Sarah Bourdillon, a product of Alfred Cortot's Ecole Normale de Musique., in Montevideo. Bourdillon also taught Alberto Reyes, another fine Uruguayan pianist.  She was discovered by the renowned conductor Erich Kleiber and completed her studies in the United States with Géza Anda, the great Hungarian pianist, whom she credits as having been her greatest influence.

Dinorah Varsi performed under some of the greatest conductors of the last fifty years.  These included Paul Klecki, Rudolf Kempe, Giuseppe Sinopoli, Semyon Bychkov, Charles Dutoit, Bernard Haitink, Witold Rowicki and Lamberto Gardelli, among others

Her Chopin is wonderful.  I would like to single out the Mazurkas which are so difficult to play stylistically.  And the performances of the Franck Prelude, Chorale and Fugue and the Scriabin etude might be my favorite among all the performances I've heard.

Dinorah Varsi's 1969 Schumann sonata recording is a splendid performance of an oft abused work.  Varsi had the soul of every composer whose music she played.  One of the all time greats.  Doubtless she'd have been more universally known had she worn miniskirts and played as loudly and rapidly as possible.  I guess her subtlety and depth of understanding, her stylistic genius, her exquisite touch and perfect phrasing were just not enough.  Thanks again, gullivior, for your caring love of these magnificent, and so often under appreciated, pianists.

Judging from her recordings with the great Belgian violinist, Arthur Grumiaux, Dinorah Varsi was also a wonderful chamber musician.  The recordings of the Vieuxtemps,Ysaÿe and Lekeu pieces for violin and piano are a delight.

Chopin  Piano Concerto in F minor, Op 21
Jan Krenz conducting l'Orchestre National de l'Opera de Montecarlo


ii Larghetto

iii Allegro vivace

Chopin  24 Études, Op 10 & 25

12 Études, Op 10

1 in C major
02:132 in A minor
03:523 in E major
06:464 in C minor
08:565 in G major
10:446 in E minor
13:127 in C major
14:508 in F major
17:169 in F minor
19:2110 in A major
21:2911 in E major
23:4512 in C minor

12 Études, Op 25

26:371 in A major
28:502 in F minor
30:233 in F major
32:154 in A minor
34:005 in E minor
37:056 in G minor
39:177 in C minor
44:078 in D major
45:249 in G major
46:2610 in B minor
50:1711 in A minor
53:5012 in C minor

recorded in 1981

Chopin  3 Nocturnes, Op 9

1 in B minor
04:402 in E major
08:483 in B major

recorded in 1986

Chopin  3 Nocturnes, Op 15

4 in F major
04:305 in F major
07:496 in G minor

recorded in 1986

Chopin  2 Nocturnes, Op 27

7 in C minor
04:448 in D major

recorded in 1986

Chopin  2 Nocturnes, Op 32

9 in B major
03:5610 in A major

recorded in 1986

Chopin  4 Mazurkas, Op 24

1 in G minor
02:502 in C major
05:313 in A major
05:314 in B minor

recorded in 1985

Chopin  4 Mazurkas, Op 33

1 in G minor
01:232 in D major
02:503 in C major
05:314 in B minor

recorded in 1985

Chopin  4 Mazurkas, Op 41

2 in E minor
01:573 in B major
03:124 in A major
05:311 in C minor

recorded in 1985

Chopin  3 Mazurkas, Op 50

1 in G major
03:542 in A major
05:313 in C major

recorded in 1985

Chopin  3 Mazurkas, Op 56

1 in B major
03:542 in C major
05:313 in C minor

recorded in 1985

Chopin  Mazurka in F minor (unfinished), Op 68~4

recorded in 1985

Chopin  Piano Sonata 1 in C minor, Op 4

i Allegro maestoso
06:48ii Menuetto
09:51iii Larghetto
13:00iv Finale - Presto

recorded in 1989

Chopin  Piano Sonata 2 in B minor, Op 35

i Grave. Doppio movimento
05:43ii Scherzo
12:12iii Marche funèbre - Lento
19:03iv Finale - Presto

recorded in 1974

Chopin  Piano Sonata 2 in B minor, Op 35

i Grave. Doppio movimento
05:30ii Scherzo
11:41iii Marche funèbre - Lento
19:11iv Finale - Presto

recorded in 1993

Chopin  Piano Sonata 3 in B minor, Op 58

i Allegro maestoso
08:42ii Scherzo - Molto vivace
11:19iii Largo
20:14iv Finale - Presto non tanto. Agitato

recorded in 1989

Schumann  Piano Sonata 2 in G minor, Op 22

i So rasch wie moglich
06:27ii Andantino. Getragen
10:15iii Scherzo - Sehr rasch und markiert
11:45iv Rondo - Presto

recorded in 1969

Vieuxtemps  Ballade et Polonaise, Op 38
with Arthur Grumiaux, violin

Franck  Prélude, Chorale et Fugue

05:09 ➢ Choral
12:15 ➢ Fugue

recorded in 1995

Brahms  Piano Concerto 1 in D minor, Op 15
Petr Altrichter conducting the Prague Symphony Orchestra

recorded live in 1993

i Maestoso

ii Adagio

iii Rondo - Allegro non troppo

Brahms  Piano Concerto 2 in B major, Op 83
Petr Altrichter conducting the Prague Symphony Orchestra

i Allegro non troppo

recorded in 1994

Brahms   8 Klavierstücke, Op 76

1 Capriccio in F♯ major
02:55 2 Capriccio in B minor
05:413 Intermezzo in A major
07:124 Intermezzo in B major
09:265 Capriccio in C major
12:216 Intermezzo in A major
15:257 Intermezzo in A minor
18:058 Capriccio in C major

Brahms   2 Rhapsodies, Op 79

1 Agitato in B minor
08:582 Molto passionato, ma non troppo allegro in G minor

Brahms  Intermezzo in E major, Op 117~1

recorded live in 1994

Eugène Ysaÿe (1858-1931)  Rêve d'Enfant, Op 14
with Arthur Grumiaux, violin

Debussy  Préludes, Book I

1 "Danseuses de Delphes"  Lent et grave
02:472 "Voiles"  Modéré
06:203 "Le vent dans la plaine"  Animé
08:514 "Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir"  Modéré
12:185 "Les collines d'Anacapri"  Très modéré
15:406 "Des pas sur la neige"  Triste et lent
19:527 "Ce qu'a vu le vent d'ouest"  Animé et tumultueux
23:408 "La fille aux cheveux de lin"  Très calme et doucement expressif
26:229 "La sérénade interrompue"  Modérément animé
29:1510 "La cathédrale engloutie"  Profondément calme
35:3211 "La danse de Puck"  Capricieux et léger
38:42 12 "Minstrels"  Modéré

recorded in 1991

Guillaume Lekeu (1870-1894)  Sonata for Piano and Violin in G major
with Arthur Grumiaux, violin

i Très modéré
11:33ii Très lent
21:51iii Très animé

Scriabin  Étude in D minor, Op 8~12

Rachmaninoff  Piano Concerto 2 in C minor, Op 18
Lamberto Gardelli conducting the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

i Moderato

ii Adagio sostenuto

iii Allegro scherzando

Rachmaninoff  Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini, Op 43
Eliahu Inbal conducting the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

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