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Evelyne Crochet is particularly close to me heart. It was as a result of having acquired a record of her's when I was a teenager that I discovered the piano music of Eric Satie and I can't hear or play his music without thinking of her. Her wonderful performances of some of this music can be heard below.

Evelyne Crochet's Bach, while not among my favorites, is very pleasing. Her's is a straightforward approach, and while I never find myself quite excited  by her playing, I never have the impression that what I am hearing is hearing is not musically correct.  If there is one criticism I would make, it is that her playing lacks a certain forward impetus that is dictated by the harmonic imperative of Bach's music.

Nor am I thrilled by her Fauré, though I am grateful to be able to hear so much of this relatively rarely performed music.  On the other hand,her accompaniment in the two songs by the same composer show me a good deal more of her dramatic capability. I can only imagine what these songs might be performed by a superior singer.

I find her Schubert to be splendid. The recording of the Impromptu, D 946 is on of my favorites.  And her performance of the F minor Fantasie for four hands with Alfred Brendel is to die for. I don't know which part she plays, but it doesn't matter.  They play as one.

And Evelyne Crochet's Mozart, if one can judge from the single movement of the concerto below, is stunning.

Bach  The Well Tempered Clavier

Preludes and Fugues Book I

1 in C major, BWV 846
03:452 in C minor, BWV 847
06:583 in C♯ major, BWV 848
10:354 in C♯ minor, BWV 849
17:565 in D major, BWV 850
21:176 in D minor, BWV 851
24:587 in E major, BWV 852
30:388 in E minor, BWV 853
39:499 in E major, BWV 854
42:1810 in E minor, BWV 855
45:5411 in F major, BWV 856
48:1612 in F minor, BWV 857
54:4013 in F♯ major, BWV 858
57:4814 in F♯ minor, BWV 859
02:2015 in G major, BWV 860
1:05:5616 in G minor, BWV 861
1:10:2017 in A major, BWV 862
1:14:0318 in G♯ minor, BWV 863
1:19:3419 in A major, BWV 864
1:22:5320 in A minor, BWV 865
1:28:3021 in Bmajor, BWV 866
1:31:1822 in B minor, BWV 867
1:37:4023 in B major, BWV 868
1:41:0524 in B minor, BWV 869

Preludes and Fugues Book II

1 in C major, BWV 870
04:112 in C minor, BWV 871
08:373 in C♯ major, BWV 872
12:164 in C♯ minor, BWV 873
19:305 in D major, BWV 874
27:556 in D minor, BWV 875
31:207 in E major, BWV 876
35:508 in E minor, BWV 877
43:339 in E major, BWV 878
50:4910 in E minor, BWV 879
57:1311 in F major, BWV 880
1:02:2512 in F minor, BWV 881
1:09:5813 in F♯ major, BWV 882
1:15:3414 in F♯ minor, BWV 883
1:23:2915 in G major, BWV 884
1:27:1416 in G minor, BWV 885
1:33:1017 in A major, BWV 886
1:40:1518 in G♯ minor, BWV 887
1:50:3919 in A major, BWV 888
1:53:3020 in A minor, BWV 889
1:59:5321 in B major, BWV 890
2:09:1922 in B minor, BWV 891
2:17:4523 in B major, BWV 892
2:22:2224 in B minor, BWV 893

Mozart  Piano Concerto 22 in E major, K 482
Charles Munch conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra

ii Andante

recorded live in 1962

Schubert  2 Impromptu from Drei Klavierstücke, D 946

Part I

Part II

Schubert  Fantasie in F minor, D 940
with Alfred Brendel, piano

recorded in the early 1960s

Fauré  Romances sans paroles, Op 17

1 Andante quasi allegretto in A major
02:002 Allegro molto in A minor
04:173 Andante moderato in A major

recorded in the early 1960s

Gabriel Fauré  Impromptus

1 in E major, Op 25
03:52 2 in F minor, Op 31
07:373 in A major, Op 34
11:554 in D major, Op 91
16:43 5 in F minor

recorded in the early 1960s

Fauré  Barcarolles

1 in A minor, Op 26
03:56 2 in G major, Op 41
10:183 in G major, Op 42
17:284 in A major, Op 44
21:155 in F minor, Op 66
27:306 in E major, Op 70
30:587 in D minor, Op 90
34:278 in D major, Op 96
38:039 in A minor, Op 101
42:2310 in A minor, Op 104~2
45:42 ➢ 11 in G minor, Op 105~1
50:05 12 in E major, Op 105~2
53:2913 in C major, Op 116

recorded in the early 1960s

Gabriel Fauré  Valse-Caprices

1 in A major, Op 30
06:412 in Dt major, Op 38
13:343 in G major, Op 59
20:384 in A major, Op 62

recorded in the early 1960s

Fauré  Mazurka, Op 32

recorded in the early 1960s

Fauré Nocturnes

1 in E-flat minor, Op 33~1
07:28 2 in B major, Op 33~2
14:123 in A major, Op 33~3
19:15 4 in E major, Op 36
25:455 in B major, Op 37
33:556 in D major, Op 63
42:187 in C minor, Op 74
[for Nocturne 8 see Op 84 below]
51:299 in B-minor - B major, Op 97
55:46  ➢ 10 in E minor, Op 99
1:01:0511 in F minor, Op. 104~1
1:05:4012 in E minor, Op 107
1:11:5213 in B minor, Op 119

recorded in the early 1960s

Gabriel Fauré  Theme and Variations, Op 73

recorded in the early 1960s

Fauré  Pièces brèves, Op 84

1 Capriccio in E major
01:542 Fantasie in A major
03:533 Fugue in A minor
06:234 Adagietto in E minor
09:495 Improvisation in C minor
11:196 Fugue in E minor
13:427 Allégresse in C major
15:068 Nocturne 8 in D major

recorded in the early 1960s

Fauré  Préludes, Op 103

1 in D major
03:402 in C minor
05:553 in G minor
09:534 in F major
12:155 in D minor
14:576 in E minor
17:027 in A major
19:518 in C minor
21:039 in E minor

recorded in the early 1960s

Fauré  Songs
with Benita Valente, soprano

recorded live in 1995

"Clair de lune"

"En Sourdine"

Satie   Piano Pieces

Nouvelles pieces froides
Effronterie-Désespoir agréable-Songe-creux-Profondeur-Prelúde canin
Avant-derniéres pensées
Réveries nocturnes
Premiere pensee Rose-Croix-Petite ouverture ä danser
Les trois valses distinguées du précieux dégoüté

Satie  Gnossiennes

For those of you who enjoy murder mysteries, here is my first with a strong musical polemic as background

Murder in the House of the Muse

which is also available as an audiobook.

And this is the more recently published second mystery in the series:

Murder Follows the Muse

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