Chinese pianist (b 1934)

Fou Ts-ong studied piano in his native China with Mario Paci, an Italian who founded the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. In 1953, he continued his training at the Warsaw Conservatory, and has lived in London since 1960. Martha Argerich, Leon Fleisher, and Radu Lupu, all close friends, have acknowled his influence on them and are obliged to Fou Ts'ong for his new ideas and for opening new musical horizons them.

Fou Ts-ong is one of those pianists who just plain plays with style.  I enjoy his playing even when I disagree with his approach as one would arguing with an old friend.  But when he hits me in the soft spot, wow!

Fou Ts-ong won the Best Mazurka Prize at the 1955 Chopin Competition.  Judging by the recordings below, one can see why.  Without trying to imitate the Polish style, he captures the essence and rhythm of the music in a wonderful way.  His Chopin Preludes are also marvelous, and all his own.

Interspersed among the solo performances are concerto recordings by Fou Ts-ong including a splendid rendition of the Schumann concerto conducted by Peter Maag, a great and unsung conductor, and a recording of the Mozart F major concerto for three pianos with Ashkenazy and Barenboim.

Scarlatti  Keyboard Sonatas

in D minor, K 32 - in D major, K 164 - in D major, K 484 - in F major, K 318
in A major, K 500 - in E major, K 474 - in B♭ major, K 550 - in A major, K 208
in F major, K 107 - in E major, K 380 - in E major, K 531 - in G major, K 210
in C major, K 461 - in G major, K 304 - in C minor, K 99 - in F major, K 540
in E major, K 162 - in E major, K 163 - in C minor, K 246 - in C minor, K 247
in F major, K 378 - in F major, K 379 - in D minor, K 213 - in D major, K 443
in B major, K 262 - in E major, K 215 - in C minor, K 158 - in E major, K 193
in F minor, K 481 - in C major, K 513 - in E minor, K 394 - in C major, K 95

recorded in 1984

Haydn  Piano Sonata 31 in A major, Hob XVI:46 (Op 54~3)

i Allegro moderato

Mozart  Piano Concerto 25 in C major, K 503
Victor Desarzens conducting the Vienna State Opera Orchestra

ia Allegro maestoso (beginning)

ib Allegro maestoso (conclusion)
04:58ii Andante (beginning)

iib Andante (conclusion)
➢ iii Allegretto

Mozart  Piano Concerto 27 in B major, K 595
Victor Desarzens conducting the Vienna State Opera Orchestra

ia Allegro (beginning)

ib Allegro (conclusion)
➢ iia Larghetto (beginning)

iib Larghetto (conclusion)
➢ iii Allegro

Mozart  Concerto 7 for three pianos in F major, K 242
with Vladimir Ashkenazy, Daniel Barenboim & the English Chamber Orchestra

i Allegro
08:21ii Adagio
17:33iii Rondo - Tempo di Minuetto

recorded in 1972

Beethoven  Piano Sonata 30 in E major, Op 109

i Vivace ma non troppo. Adagio espressivo
04:17ii Prestissimo

iii Gesangvoll, mit innigster Empfindung. Andante molto cantabile ed espressivo

Chopin  from Trois nouvelles études
in A-flat major
in D-flat major

Chopin  Mazurkas

in C minor, Op 56~3
in A minor, Op 59~1
in F minor, Op 68~4

recorded in 1955 at the International Chopin Piano Competition

Chopin  Nocturnes

in E major, Op 9~2

4 in F major, Op 15~1
5 in F major, Op 15~2

15 in F minor, Op 55~1

17 in B major, Op 62~1
18 in E major, Op 62~2

20 in C minor, Op posth

Chopin  Preludes

recorded live in 1996

in C minor, Op 45

Op 28
04:57 1 Agitato in C major
05:402 Lento in A minor
08:03 3 Vivace in G major

4 Largo in E minor
02:105 Molto allegro in D major
02:476 Lento assai in B minor
04:547 Andantino in A major
05:498 Molto agitato in F minor
07:48 9 Largo in E major
09:1310 Molto allegro in C minor

11 Vivace in B major
00:3212 Presto in G minor
01:5213 Lento in Fmajor
04:4614 Allegro in E minor

15 Sostenuto in D major "Raindrop"
05:0116 Presto con fuoco in B minor
06:2217 Allegretto in A major

18 Molto Allegro in F minor
00:5619 Vivace in E major
02:1220 Largo in C minor
04:0521 Cantabile in B major
06:0422 Molto Agitato in G minor
06:4823 Moderato in F major

24 Allegro appassionato in D minor

Chopin  Piano Concerto 2 in F minor, Op 21
Peter Maag conducting the London Symphony Orchestra

recorded in 1963

ia Maestoso (beginning)

ib Maestoso (conclusion)

ii Larghetto

iii Allegro vivace

Schumann  Piano Concerto in A minor, Op 54

i Allegro affettuoso
ii Intermezzo - Andantino grazioso
iii Allegro vivace

Peter Maag conducting the London Symphony Orchestra

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