French pianist (1921 - 2002)

Ginette Doyen studied under Lazare-Lévy at the Paris Conservatory where she received a first prizes in piano, harmony and accompaniment.  She married the violinist Jean Fournier (brother of the cellist Pierre Fournier) and performed with him regularly.

As a soloist, Ginette Doyen was much in demand, performing ofte with the National Orchestra of France, the Philharmonic Orcehstra of the l'Orchestre des Concerts Pasdeloup, Lamoureux and Colonne, the Radio orchestra of Belgium and Luxembourg. Among the great conductors with whom she performed were Jean Martinon, Manuel Rosenthal and Serge Baudo.

Ginette Doyen's repertoire was vast, ranging from Bach, the classics, the romantics, to Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky, and Gershwin.  She was the first to record the complete Songs Without Words by Felix Mendelssohn, and beautiful performances they are. Unfortunately, she recorded relatively little, but we do have the four Chopin Ballades and a number of pieces for piano by Chabrier, and Saint-Saëns.

According to the well known French Musicologist and critic, Bernard Gavoty, Ginette Doyen proudly carried like a flag the three colors of French music, clarity, modesty and refined passion, and called her the messenger of an art full of sunshine.

Sadly, and due to an injury to her right thumb, Ginette Doyen was obliged to retire from performing in the 1970s.

At the very bottom of this page is a lovely example of her playing with her husband in the Beethoven Spring Sonata.

Weber  Piano Sonata 1 in C major, Op 24
iv Rondo - Presto "Perpetuum Mobile"

recorded in 1946

Mendelssohn  Songs Without Words

Op 19
1 Andante con moto in E major
04:212 Andante espressivo in A minor
06:483 Molto allegro e vivace in A major (Hunting Song)
09:184 Moderato in A major
11:445 Poco agitato in F minor
14:526 Andante sostenuto in G minor (Venetian Boat Song No. 1)

Op 30
17:371 Andante espressivo in E major
21:162 Allegro di molto in B minor
22:593 Adagio non troppo in E major
26:084 Agitato e con fuoco in B minor
28:475 Andante grazioso in D major
30:586 Allegretto tranquillo in F minor (Venetian Boat Song 2)

Op 38
34:101 Con moto in E major
37:052 Allegro non troppo in C minor
39:033 Presto e molto vivace in E major
42:044 Andante in A major
45:105 Agitato in A minor
47:366 Andante con moto in A major (Duetto)

Op 53
50:541 Andante con moto in A major
54:222 Allegro non troppo in E major
57:003 Presto agitato in G minor
59:184 Adagio in F major
1:03:185 Allegro con fuoco in A minor (Volkslied)
1:06:176 Molto Allegro vivace in A major

Op 62
1:08:561 Andante espressivo in G major
1:11:482 Allegro con fuoco in B major
1:13:323 Andante maestoso in E minor (Trauermarsch)
1:17:104 Allegro con anima in G major
1:18:455 Andante con moto in A minor (Venetian Boat Song 3)
1:21:466 Allegretto grazioso in A major (Fruhlingslied or Spring Song)

Op 67
1:24:131 Andante in E major
1:26:562 Allegro leggiero in F minor
1:28:493 Andante tranquillo in B major
1:31:474 Presto in C major (Spinnerlied)
1:33:485 Moderato in B minor
1:35:416 Allegro non troppo in E major

Op 85
1:38:011 Andante espressivo in F major
1:40:162 Allegro agitato in A minor
1:41:163 Presto in E major
1:42:554 Andante sostenuto in D major
1:45:425 Allegretto in A major
1:48:076 Allegretto con moto in B major

Op 102
1:50:131 Andante un poco agitato in E minor
1:53:162 Adagio in D major
1:55:453 Presto in C major
1:57:114 Un poco agitato, ma andante in G minor
1:59:425 Allegro vivace in A major (Kinderstuck)
2:00:486 Andante in C major

recorded in 1952-1953

Chopin  Ballades

1 in G minor, Op 23
09:492 in F major, Op 38
17:513 in A major, Op 47
25:544 in F minor, op.52

recorded in 1952

Saint-Saëns  Allegro appassionato, Op 70

recorded in 1954

Saint-Saëns  Toccata, Op 72~3

recorded in 1954

Saint-Saëns  Thème varié, Op 97

recorded in 1954

Saint-Saëns  Toccata, Op 111~6

recorded in 1954

Chabrier   from 10 Pièces pittoresques

recorded in 1953

1 "Paysage" in D major (Allegro non troppo. Vivo)

3 "Tourbillon" in D major (Allegro con fuoco)

4 "Sous-Bois" in C major (Andantino)

5 "Mauresque" in A minor (Moderato)

6 "Idylle" in E major (Allegretto)

7 "Danse villageoise" in A minor (Allegro risoluto)

9 "Menuet pompeux" in G minor (Allegro franco – meno mosso e molto dolce e grazioso)

10 Scherzo-Valse in D major (Vivo)

Chabrier  "Caprice"

recorded in 1954

Chabrier  Impromptu

recorded in 1954

Chabrier  "Feuillet d'album"

recorded in 1954

Chabrier  "Ballabile"

recorded in 1954

Chabrier  Aubade

recorded in 1954

Chabrier  "Ronde champêtre"

recorded in 1954

Chabrier  "Bourrée fantasque"

recorded in 1954

Beethoven  Violin Sonata 5 in F major, Op 24 "Frühlingssonate"
with Jean Fournier, violin

i Allegro
07:27ii Adagio molto espressivo
14:22iii Scherzo - Allegro molto
15:38iv Rondo - Allegro ma non troppo

recorded in the 1950s

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