On this page, Clara Haskil plays concerti by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Schumann, and a number of chamber works by Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Busoni.  Follow this link for many delights as Clara Haskil plays Mozart concerti.

Talk about a pianist all the leading conductors wanted to play with.  Here is a partial list: Ernest Ansermet, Sir John Barbirolli, Rudolf Baumgartner, Sir Thomas Beecham, Sir Adrian Boult, Pablo Calals, Sergiu Celibidache, André Cluytens, Victor Desarzens, Ferenc Fricsay, Alceo Galliera, Carlo Maria Giulini, Inghelbrecht, Eugen Jochum, Herbert von Karajan, Rudolf Kempe, Otto Klemperer, Rafael Kubelík, Igor Markevitch, Pierre Monteux, Charles Munch, Paul Paray, Bernhard Paumgartner, Hans Rosbaud, Willem van Otterloo, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Carl Schuricht, George Solti, Leopold Stokowski, Hans Swoboda, George Szell, and Carlo Zecchi, himself one of the greatest pianists of them all.  These were the great names of my youth, though I knew them from vinyl records only.  But they were as real to me as was the corner grocer.

I eventually met and had the opportunity to speak with many of them when I was an usher at Carnegie Hall for several seasons as a college student, among them van Otterloo, Giulini, who autographed my score of Mahler's 2nd symphony, Kubelik, von Karajan, and Stokowski, and heard several of the others in concert.    I did not think to do so, but I am prepared to wager that had I asked them who was their favorite pianist with whom to play concerti, and had they been willing to answer, they would, nearly to a man, have declared that there is little that can compare with the way Haskil plays concerti.

I love the Beethoven G major concerto with Carlo Zecchi, and I love that he is conducting, two supreme pianists, one as conductor, and very much in tune with each other making for a splendid performance.

These pages in which Clara Haskil plays concerti are, as it turns out, mana for the Haskil afficionado.  There of multiple recordings with different conductors and orchestra of a number of the works she performed regularly, including three complete performances of the Beethoven 4th, two of the Chopin 2nd, two each of the Mozart K 271, K 415 and K 459, and six of the Mozart D minor, K 466.

We also have several examples of concerti for two pianos she performed with Géza Anda.

Bach  Keyboard Concerto 5 in F minor, BWV 1056
Pablo Casals conducting the Prades Festival Orchestra

i Allegro
03:34ii Largo
06:42iii Presto

recorded in 1950

Bach  Concerto for Two Keyboards in C major, BWV 1061
with Géza Anda (1921-1976), piano
Alceo Galliera conducting the Philharmonia Orchestra London

i Allegro
07:40ii Adagio ovvero largo
12:07iii Fuga

recorded in 1956

Beethoven  Piano Concerto 3 in C minor, Op 37
Igor Markevitch conducting l'Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux

i Allegro con brio
17:14ii Largo
26:29iii Rondo - Allegro

recorded in 1959

Beethoven  Piano Concerto 3 in C minor, Op 37
iii Rondo - Allegro
Igor Markevitch conducting l'Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux

Beethoven  Piano Concerto 4 in G major, Op 58
Carlo Zecchi conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra

i Allegro moderato
17:50ii Andante con moto
22:53iii Rondo - Vivace

recorded in 1947

Beethoven  Piano Concerto 4 in G major, Op 58
Dean Dixon conducting the RIAS Symphonie Orchester, Berlin

i Allegro moderato
ii Andante con moto
iii Rondo - Vivace

recorded in 1954

Beethoven  Piano Concerto 4 in G major, Op 58
Mario Rossi conducting an unidentified orchestra

i Allegro moderato
18:29ii Andante con moto
23:30iii Rondo - Vivace

recorded in 1960

Chopin  Piano Concerto 2 in F minor, Op 21
André Cluytens conducting l'Orchestre National de France

recorded in 1954

ia Maestoso (beginning)

ib Maestoso (conclusion)

ii Larghetto

iii Allegro vivace

Chopin  Piano Concerto 2 in F minor, Op 21
unidentified conductor and orchestra

i Maestoso

ii Larghetto

iii Allegro vivace

Schumann  Piano Concerto in A minor, Op 54
Willem van Otterloo conducting the Hague Philharmonic Orchestra

i Allegro affettuoso
13:55ii Intermezzo - Andantino grazioso
18:12iii Allegro vivace

recorded in 1951

Schumann  Piano Concerto in A minor, Op 54
i Allegro affettuoso
Ernest Ansermet conducting l'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

recorded in 1956

de Falla  Nights in the Gardens of Spain
Igor Markevitch conducting l'Orchestre Des Concerts Lamoureux

i En el Generalife
09:59ii Danza lejana
14:27iii En los jardines de la sierra de Córdoba

recorded in 1960

Hindemith  Theme and Variations "The Four Temperaments"

05:25 ➢ Variation 1 Melancholisch
11:20 ➢ Variation 2 Sanguinisch
16:57 ➢ Variation 3 Phlegmatisch
21:32 ➢ Variation 4 Cholerisch

recorded live in 1957

Mozart  Sonata for violin and piano 21 in E minor, K 304
ii Tempo di Menuetto
with Arthur Grumiaux

recorded live in 1957

Mozart  Sonata for violin and piano 26 in B major, K 378
iii Rondo - Allegro
with Arthur Grumiaux

Mozart Sonata for violin and piano 35 in A major, K 526
with Arthur Grumiaux

i Molto allegro

ii Andante

iii Presto

Beethoven  Sonata for violin and piano 4 in A minor, Op 23
with Arthur Grumiaux

i Presto

ii Andante scherzoso. Piu allegretto

iii Allegro molto

Beethoven  Sonata for violin and piano 9 in A major op. 47 "Kreutzer"
with Arthur Grumiaux, violin

i Adagio sostenuto. Presto. Adagio

ii Andante con variazioni (I and II)

ii Andante con variazioni (III and IV)

iii Finale - Presto

Brahms Piano Quintet in F minor, Op 34
with the Winterthur Quartet
[Peter Rybar and Clemens Dahinden, violins - Heinz Wigand, viola - Antonio Tusa, cello

i Allegro non troppo
11:11 ii Andante, un poco adagio
19:05iii Scherzo - Allegro
➢ iv
Finale - Poco sostenuto. Allegro non troppo. Presto, non troppo

recorded live in 1949

Busoni  Violin Sonata 2 in E minor, Op 36a, BV 244
with Joseph Szigeti, violin

recorded live in 1947


ii Presto
iii Andante piuttosto grave (beginning)

iiia Andante piuttosto grave (continuation)

iiib Andante piuttosto grave (conclusion)

Busoni  Violin Sonata 2 in E minor, Op 36a, BV 244
with Peter Rybar, violin

i Langsam
07:56 ➢ Presto
13:47 ➢ Andante con moto
16:46 ➢ Alla marcia - Vivace
18:42 ➢ Andante
24:48 ➢ Allegro deciso, un poco maestoso

recorded in 1954

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