1 in e minor, Op 25 - 2 in F Major, Op 35 - 3 in G Major, Op 45
5 in E flat Major, Op 94 and Fantaisie (For Piano and Orchestra) Op 84

Sadly, the performances by Joseph Banowetz (b 1936), American pianist, with Alfred Walter (in Concerti 1 and 2) and Robert Stankovsky (in Concerti 3 and 5) conducting the Czecho-Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra which had been posted here haveve been removed from YouTube. I understand completely that someone owns the rights to these recordings and doesn't want them to be posted for anyone to hear for free. And he has every right not to want to. The question is, does it make any sense not to want to. So few people are familiar with the Anton Rubinstein piano concerti, with the possible exception of the 4th which is known by a few more people, that the only way to motivate someone to buy them is to allow people to hear them and discover for themselves what they have been missing. Hey, I've just invented Zgilcher Flakes, the best cereal since sliced bread - well, you know what I mean - and I want you to rush out and buy them. What are they and what do they taste like? None of your damn business. Anyway, Banowetz, a fine pianist, is hardly that much better known than the unknown Rubinstein concerti. What a way to sell CDs.

So we are left with recordings of the 2nd and 3rd Rubinstein piano concerti on this page, the most magnificent 4th having its own page where you can hear the likes of Josef Hofmann, Grigory Ginzburg, and Oscar Levant play it the way it should be played.

Of course, there is also a good recording of the 4th by Banowetz, but I suppose that one will be removed at some point as well. Do I sound a tad grouchy? Just put it down to my not a big proponent of cutting you nose off to spite your face.

Piano Concerto 2 in F minor, Op 35
Alexander Paley (b 1956), Moldovian-born American pianist
Igor Golovchin conducting the State Symphony Orchestra of Russia

ia Allegro Vivace Assai (beginning)

ib Allegro Vivace Assai (conclusion)

ii Adagio Non Troppo

iii Moderato

Piano Concerto 3 in G major, Op 45
Robert Preston, contemporary American pianist
Paul Freeman conducting the Westphalian Symphony Orchestra

i Moderato con moto - ii Andante (12:30) - iii Allegro (17:50)

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