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Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler was universally considered one of the leading pianists of her time, and without a doubt the greatest American pianist. The New York Times, in 1901, called her "the most distinguished of American women players of the piano forte." That same year, the New York Sun referred to her as "an electric dyanmo endowed with a human body and soul." At a time when the pianistic world was dominated by men, a perpetual critique was that "She plays like a man." This was indeed high praise.

Fannie Bloomfield had studied with Theodor Leschetizky in Vienna at the suggestion of Anna Yesipova and became the most prominent of his female pupils after Yesipova. She had a powerful technique and often performed two or three major piano concerti in one evening.

Unfortunately, although it is known that she made a number of piano rolls, only a few recordings by Chopin, Schubert, Schutt and Poldini and are currently available on line. The Chopin Nocturne is perhaps the one Nocturne that might well best show off her considerable talent. The Scherzo and Sonata recordings, both incomplete, are not as satisfying to me, but still show off an extraordinary pianist.

Chopin Étude in G♭ major, Op 10~5
unidentified piano roll

Chopin Nocturne 13, Op 48~1
Masters of the Piano Roll Series

Chopin Scherzo 2 in B♭ minor, Op 31
Welte Mignon piano roll

Chopin Piano Sonata 2 in B♭ minor, Opus 35
unidentified piano roll

i Grave: Doppio Movimento

iii Lento: Marche Funèbre

iv Presto

Schutt Waltz for piano, Op 59~2 "À la bien-aimée"
Welte Mignon piano roll

Schubert-Tausig Marche Militaire in D major, Op 51~1
Welte Mignon piano roll

Poldini Waltzing Doll
1921 Ampico Lexington piano roll

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