When I started this website, I had it in mind to deal with everything that was the classical piano. But in the 4 years since I began this odyssey I have discovered many things, not the least of which is what interests me most. And so, I will continue to offer pages on great pianists and composers of the past and present, I will continue my advocacy of wonderful women pianists, and I will continue my exploration of comparative interpretation of favorite music for piano.

Of all of these, I am perhaps most passionate about presenting specific works performed by many different pianists. I believe that until one has gotten past the performance and interpretation through which one fell in love with a piece of music, and heard it played by numerous pianists, each of whom with his own vision and understanding of what the music has to say, one does not really know the music but only the music as interpreted by a particular pianist. Holding on to that performance as an absolute standard prevents one from hearing all that the music has to offer and worse, prevents one from enjoying the often fascinating and exhilarating different approaches other pianists take in interpreting the same music.

Do I have favorites? You bet I do. Do they change? Absolutely. Are there some interpretations that I do not like or enjoy? Yes, and I am not loathe to say so. But the purpose of this site is not to criticize, rather to celebrate this wonderful instrument, the music that has been composed for it, and the people who play it so beautifully.

As I said, the creation of this website has been, and continues to be, an odyssey. And like Odysseus, I landed on an island for an adventure that was unrelated to my original quest. I took time off to write a novel, a murder mystery with a musical polemic. In the end, this adventure turned out to be an inevitable and important part of my musical journey. I have written what I am told is quite a good book, entertaining and informative, and to those for whom the performance of music is as critically important to their own quality of life as it is to mine, it is an important book. I take the liberty of adding access to it, and to the second in the series, on the pages of this site in the hope that it will be read and enjoyed by many.

and the audiobook version

And this is the recently published second mystery in the series.

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